Rebecca Jex Photography: Blog en-us (C) Rebecca Jex Photography (Rebecca Jex Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:25:00 GMT Rebecca Jex Photography: Blog 120 80 Nanci + Shay: New Orleans Wedding Nanci and Shay are one of the most fun-loving couples I've ever photographed.  Their New Orleans wedding took place on a beautiful October afternoon at the lovely Pitot House on Bayou St. John.  The entire day was full of laughter, dancing, and love.  I think I had just as much fun shooting as they had getting married. Below are some of my favorites:

And thanks again to the amazing wedding coordinators over at Three Little Words.



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The Waddlingtons  

I have been lucky enough to take photos of the Waddlingtons since their oldest was about a year old.  They are such awesome people.  We spent this session hiking around Simmon's Arboretum in Madison, MS.  The kiddos seemed to really love being out in the woods exploring.  Below are a few of my favorites.




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The Clemmers I have been in awe of Sully Clemmer's talent as a photographer for years.  When he asked me to take photos of his gorgeous family, I may have panicked a pressure, right?  I had SO MUCH FUN with these cute people in Madison, MS the other afternoon. I have loved shooting so much in the Jackson area lately. Below are a few of my favorites:


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Aldredge Family
I had so much fun with the beautiful Aldredge family in Dallas, TX the other day.  We played, giggled, and explored on a hill overlooking Dallas' White Rock Lake.  We shot for a short 45 minute stint and had a blast. Thanks so much, Aldredge fam!  Below are some of my favorites from our session.



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Kim + Carey This lovely couple recently eloped in Natchez, MS at Monmouth Plantation.  Thank you so much to Kim and Carey for having me.  Below are some of my favortes:



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Jackson Family I loved taking pics of this beautiful family in Natchez MS.  I think my favorite part was the kids' discovery of the big puddle and their parents being as excited as I was with what happened next! Some of my favorites from our family session are below. 

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The Staines Family I had so much fun with the Staines during their family session in Jackson, MS.

How absolutely precious are these four people?!?!

Below are some of my favorites:




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Kate + Lane Natchez, MS Wedding

Thanks so much to Kate and Lane for having me.  I wish we could do it all over again!

And thanks so much to all of these incredible Natchez vendors that made the weekend go so smoothly. 

Wedding Coordinator: a-deux Events

Rehearsal Dinner: The Elms

Florals: Nest

Bridal Hair: C'est Jolie

Cake: Rose Bakes

Catering: Sissy Eidt with Everything Fancee Catering


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The Brock Family: Jackson, MS

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Kari + Charles: Engaged I had so much fun taking these.  We started out at Kari's parents' house and made our way downtown and ended on the bluff right at sunset in Natchez.  The light could not have been more awesome and neither could these two.  I'm so excited for Kari and Charles.  I've known each of them for as long as I can remember and they are both wonderful.  I'm so happy that they ended up together! They make such a beautiful couple.

Below are some of my favorites from our shoot:



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Claire + Eustace: Engaged I had so much fun with this awesome couple in Natchez.  Claire and Eustace are easygoing, authentic, and fun... as good as it gets.  Below are a few of my favorites:



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Danielle + Benton: January 8, 2017  

Danielle and Benton were married on a lovely January afternoon at the beautiful Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans, LA.  Their ceremony was beautifully small and full of tender and real moments.  Below are a few of my favorites.

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Hannah + Russ : Engaged I had a blast shooting these engagement photos for Russ and Hannah.  They are both super easy going, up for anything, great people.  Not to mention we shot these in one of the most awesome places on Earth - New Orleans.  We started out walking around the beautiful Garden District (where Hannah just so happens to live), then headed down to their favorite pub on Magazine St., and ended things up with a St. Charles streetcar ride down to Audubon Park.  It does not get any better in my book.  Thanks Russ and Hannah for such a fun afternoon! Below are some of my favorites from our shoot:

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The Whalens My sister and her family... I love these guys.  We took these in Natchez over the holidays.  I really enjoy taking photos on the bluff in Natchez.  It's a beautiful setting, and the sun was just right on the afternoon we snapped these.  Below are some of my favorites:


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My sweet nephew John came to visit us over the holidays, and while he was here I took some photos on the day before he turned two months new.  I'm so in love with this sweet little guy.  Below are some of my favorites.

*Taken with Canon 1dx with prime 35mm and prime 50mm and some on camera flash.


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Snail Shell JC finds a snail shell in City Park.  Shot on Canon 1dx at 35mm.  

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Orange Picking in Nola It seems that in New Orleans a citrus tree grows every 30 feet.  T and I went picking the other day and along the way I discovered how much I love shooting in harsh light.  All shot with Canon 1dx at 35mm.  

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A Walk in City Park I've gotten really behind on blogging, and I promise to catch up soon, but in the meantime...

Even though I have to really push myself to make the time to take them, I'm always so grateful for photographs of my three favorite people.  We walked through New Orleans' beautiful City Park the other afternoon.  The kids played their hearts out in the 70* Louisiana December air, and I shot. I didn't direct, I just took photos and tried to capture some of the things that I love the most about these guys.  Messy hair and dirty, these are some of my favorite images.  I'm so thankful that I picked up a camera eight years ago, and actually learned how to use it.  These were all shot using my Canon 1dx and my 35mm 1.4.


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Senior - Talor I love shooting my little ones, but sometimes it's so awesome to photograph older kids.  I had a blast running around Natchez with Talor and his sweet mom the other day.  The afternoon couldn't have been more beautiful, and hanging out with these two felt like riding around with old friends.  Talor was so patient and polite, even though I'm sure most teenagers would want to be doing anything but taking senior photos on an afternoon off - he was awesome. I also loved that he wanted to pose in his favorite hunting gear knowing how much he loves to hunt.  Senior shoots are one of my favorite types of sessions, and I can't wait to book more! Thanks again, Amy and Talor! 


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The Brown Family There is nothing better than beautiful light on an adorable little family.  Lewie is beyond cute and it's pretty clear that he has his sweet mom and dad wrapped around his tiny fingers.  I had a blast taking these.  I'm so thankful for all of these awesome Natchez families that have put their trust in me these past few months. Thanks so much again, Browns!  

Below are a few of my favorites:

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Redfield Family These guys were awesome!  I knew Nathan growing up, and loved getting to meet his wife Samantha and their ADORABLE son.  And I really loved that Gram and Grampy wanted to join in for some photos as well.  I had a blast!  Thanks again sweet Redfield family!


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Carlton Family Another awesome Natchez family!  I went to high school with Marcie.  She's hysterical.  She's always been so much fun and never seemed to worry too much about the small stuff.  Her kids are BEAUTIFUL and polite and hilariously happy.  These guys were a joy to photograph.  I'm so happy to have finally gotten my lens on this crew - AND at the golden hour on such a beautiful day! Thanks precious Carlton family!  


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Willard Family The Willard family is one of the cutest trios I've seen in a long time.  This little guy has some of the most adorable expressions!  And don't get me started on how fun and hilarious his mom is.  They were so much fun to photograph!  Yet another family that makes me want to move home tomorrow!  Thanks again sweet Willard crew!  


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Abby and Sutton Kellen and I are moving our family back to our hometown in a year and six months.  I'd be lying if I said I haven't been a little bit nervous about this.  I love Natchez, but I don't love being new.  I'm really ready to feel settled somewhere that I know I'm going to stay.  Not that we'd be new, really.  Just that we'd be starting over again.  I spent last weekend in Natchez photographing lots of precious people that I was lucky enough to grow up with.  Especially people like Abby.  She is so sweet and funny and just easy to be around. I had so much fun taking these of her and her ADORABLE little boy.  Spending time with these awesome people makes me realize that I'm not going to feel new, but that I'm finally going to feel *at home* in Natchez, and I cannot wait.   Thank you so much for having me take these, Abby!! Sutton is as cute as they come!!!


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The Beard Family I feel so lucky to have met this sweet family. A mutual friend told Heidi about my photography and luckily after a cancelation I was able to work them into the schedule.  I'm SO glad I did! The Beards seem like such an awesome trio.  I'm really looking forward to seeing them in the future in Natchez! Thanks again, sweet Beard crew!!  Below are some of my favorites:



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Middleton Family These four are as cute as it gets.  To say I enjoyed taking these would be a complete understatement!  The Middleton crew seems to have so much fun just being themselves.  I'm so glad that they asked me to take these.  Thanks again, sweet Middletons!   Below are some of my favorites :)    


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Alden Wiley I'm a proud Aunt B once again with the arrival of my beautiful nephew, Alden Wiley.  He is so precious and perfect.  His baby soft squishiness is almost too much for my heart to handle without exploding.  I'm so thrilled he's finally here and that my sister wanted me to take these photos.  Below are some of my favorites. 


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Waggenspack Family Oh how I love this crew.  Kelly was one of my very first friends after we moved to New Orleans.  She was so welcoming and kind, and has given me the low-down on everything from the best kids' clothing spots to preschools and beyond.  She's always so thoughtful and fun.  I wasn't surprised in the slightest to discover how awesome the rest of her precious little family is.  I have a major soft spot for these three little chicks.  They are hilariously cute and we have loved getting to know them this past year. We took these behind the beautiful bird streets of the Lake Vista neighborhood.  Behind all of the houses in this area is a unique network of sidewalks lined with countless live oak trees and plenty of grass for all the neighborhood kids to run wild on.  Most of them are able to walk directly from their backyards to their church and school without ever having to cross a street.  It's really a wonderful place, and goodness there's some great light!   Below are some of my favorites from our session:



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Jex Family My brother-in-law has a BEAUTIFUL family.  I was so pleased to get my lens on these sweet people.  Their children are three of the cutest and most joyful little folks I've ever met, and  I feel super lucky that I get to be their Aunt B.  We took these at Brandon Hall, a gorgeous plantation home located in Natchez, MS.  Below are some of my favorites from our shoot!



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E and T O'Brien It doesn't get any more adorable than these two precious babies.  Two sweet, squishy, big eyed, and smiley babies under two dressed in pastels and ruffles.  These cuties were so much fun to photograph.  Thanks so much to their sweet Mama for being so awesome and helpful while I took these.   I'm hoping to run into these two again over Balloon Race weekend in Natchez!

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Fall Minis I had so much fun doing these fall mini sessions in Natchez, MS.  I cannot wait to schedule another weekend in my awesome hometown.  Below are a few of my favorites.  



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Daigle Girls Welcoming. Honest. Hilarious. These three qualities perfectly describe my friend Melissa.  We met at an Easter party at my daughter's school, and it was immediately evident that those qualities made her very pleasant to be around.  In a world where we're constantly inundated by the highlight reel of everyone's lives on social media and beyond, meeting someone easy going like Melissa was incredibly refreshing.  She is also warm, kind, and perhaps best of all, unapologetically real.  I was very excited to take these pictures of Melissa and her girls for a Father’s day gift for her husband, Burt. 


Along with being an awesome and hardworking mom, Melissa has also been battling breast cancer for years. Her story is incredibly sobering, and her strength seems endless.  She's an inspiration to me, and I'm really proud to call her a friend.

I had a blast taking these images.  Her girls are hysterical, and I could see right away that their mom is their super-hero.  It's also very clear that they are each other's best friend. I felt honored to be the one shooting these sweet moments for them. Below are some of my favorites.




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